Solid State Wind Energy Generators

Generation with no working parts. Kinda big now, but they are working on reducing it down to be Solar Panel Size

This is an absolutely interesting concept. Something out of the box. A new concept of generation that surprised me.

They describe it as a "revolutionary product", and I would have to absolutely agree with that statement.

AND  I am still having trouble getting my head around just how it works.

I can only suggest you watch the video to see how it works for yourself.

It runs on Wind, altho they mention using fine water spray in the earlier units, and this apparently can be a problem in below Zero conditions. In later units this problem has been overcome.

The wonderful thing about this is that they expect it to reduce down to Solar Panel size and to be available to all households for personal use.

BUT not only that they can be used in conjunction with Solar Panels  to get the best out of both types of generation for the following reasons. This means its just great for seasonal conditions. Solar works best in Summer, and the SSE Wind Gen will work best in Winter :

  • Solar Panels work best when there is HIGH Pressure (Highest Output), and the SS Wind Energy Generator works at their least (Lowest Output).
  • But on LOW Pressure the complete opposite occurs, the SS Wind Energy Generator works at its Best (Highest Output) and the Solar Panels work at their least (Lowest Output).