TESLA FREE ENERGY - Are We There Yet ?

Its been 100 Years since Tesla - Can we progress his inventions any further, or are they still eluding us ?

NO... this story is NOT about the electric Tesla Car as we know the car today. Its more about Tesla's original electric car from 100 years ago.

A reader David Truong posted this in the Disqus Comments today ( and (

Its interesting and got me thinking. It discusses where in this day and age, and 100 years after Tesla, have we progressed Tesla, or are we still bogged down in understanding his inventions or have we in fact taken a giant step forward.

Tesla was undoubtedly a genius having brought us what we take for granted today.... that of electricity. Today we would be lost without it and the magnificent advances which now makes the world turn (NO, its not Donald Trump that makes the world turn, he is but a cog in it, just like the rest of us).

In his original electric car from the early 1900's, Tesla did have some thing (which in the article appears to show in the Don Smith device.... the tube thing) some form of Variator which Tesla was said to adjust as the car traveled along. Just what it did I am not sure. Did it power the car or increase charge to the batteries ? It was said to be some sort of Tube thing (as in the picture) which Tesla pushed in and out (no rudeness intended here..LOL).

BUT I have also read that the Tesla invention did not use electricity directly but was getting energy from the earths magnetic field. It wasn't electric but took advantage somehow of the magnetic fields. Cutting thru the magnetic waves.And most of all this method was absolutely safe.

Unlike his Tower....In pictures shown of the Tesla Tower, it was always filled with horrendous frightening looking lightening bolts which always struck me as being a hellishly dangerous method if he planned to transmit this to residences and industry and you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.