Can Tesla Achieve it ? We Await !

A new battery awaits us from Tesla, with a promise of a 700 mile range. Hmmmm, will it be that good ? We wait the announcement.
Covid-19 Affect

Its expected that CV-19 will affect the presentation day, due to the fact that people will not be allowed or unable to attend a live presentation. BUT THIS will not stop things happening.

So its likely that this time next month there will be a live-stream video presentation rather than an in person group presentation. The in-person presentation is likely to be  possibly (if allowed) happening in July this year.


That's a term you probably have not heard much about before. BUT its a day in which Tesla exposes their future direction for their latest developments in batteries, which most describe as "much more exciting" than announcing the latest Tesla model.  Its just a car after all ! Its what the car does that is of much more interest. It gives you an idea of where battery technology is going, which from past PESN articles you can read is going in one direction only... onward and upwards.

Right now most Electric Vehicles use 18650 Size Lithium Ion batteries. Thousands of them. And all tabbed. So the aim is to make batteries with new materials which will make them not only lighter, but with better and deeper storage. This will involve going from WET materials to DRY. This change will in fact make them Solid State Batteries, much safer and vastly less prone to going on fire (as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner did). The race is on.

Personally I am kinda excited about the batteries going Tabless more than anything. In industry most batteries are tabbed so as to create a sure and certain electric link. BUT in so doing it makes them labour intensive to both install and remove, and this means you, the car buyer paying the extra cost. What would be ideal is for the batteries to be just the same as what you put in a torch. Thus when expired you can quickly and and easily replace them.

PLUS Tesla are planning for batteries to have a second and third life outside of cars in Household Solar Storage and Bulk Storage (Peak time) for Utilities. PLUS for Electric Car charging stations. At the car charging stations re-charge times are expected to come down to 20 mins.

AND SO with electric cars, a tabless battery situation will mean that battery replacement will become a much quicker and easier task with you being paid for the old batteries, thus making upgrades more economic.

PLUS less batteries with the doubling (or more) of storage means more space in the car and less weight, thus "less fuel consumption", in this case less KwH per litre. They use a term relative to petrol or the old fashioned out-dated term "gasoline".

Now in this next video I apologize for the sound quality. These guys just don't have the right equipment in place for recording. So it ends up with a crappy sounding recording. Its highly clipping which is distorting their voices. I wish they would watch Robert Llewellyn on Fully Charged and see how recording can be done properly and extremely well.

This man is talking 2 million miles Batteries and a 10 year life Robo Taxi's (which he maintains Tesla are aiming for) :