Samsung Makes Battery Breakthrough in a Solid State Battery

Possibility of cars travelling 1,000 kilometres on one charge

This is quite a breakthrough achievement. And most certainly wonderful news for the Battery World.

Battery History

In 1859 the first Lead Acid battery was invented. It had a capacity of 40watts per litre.

It has taken another 120 years for new tech to come out powerful enough to run a car just with batteries. They wanted cars originally to be electric and run on batteries when they first came out. But unfortunately the batteries just didn't have the capacity to do that.

In 1970 Lithium Ion batteries started to come to the fore. Plagued with problems from losing capacity in a short time thru to bursting into flames.

By 1991 storage had risen to 190watts per litre.

Remember the problems they had with the Boeing 787's even as recent as 2006 ?

The batteries just weren't as reliable as we know them today today.

And Now Samsung some 30 Years Later

30 years later on from the 90's we now have the new Samsung All Solid State Battery at 900watts per litre and a minimum of 1,000 cycles of life.

The latest batteries can now surpass the energy of petrol (gasoline) based on car engines really having just a true efficiency of 40%... 60% of petrol is just plain wasted by a car engine.

A Solid State Battery is a much much safer battery.

Previous iterations of Lithium-ion batteries were described as liquid, but not liquid as we would imagine it, say in a glass of water, maybe lets say they were soft putty like. To now have a SS Battery is quite a dramatic step forward.

Future of Cars Using SSD Batteries

With further improvements in battery capacity, that is battery storage and physical size, cars should be able to downsize  to just one to two  thousand batteries in them (down from the present 4,000 to 5,000) and a range of 1,000 Kilometres on just one charge.

WOW !!

Considerably less car weight, improved room/space in the vehicle from all those needless batteries going away, and extended distances of travel. The future for electric cars looks really bright.

AND ALL OF THIS will only be possible using Solid State Batteries.

LOTS more info by watching the video.