Solid State Batteries - Are They Any Closer ?

Lots of research going on, BUT are we there yet ?

First of All A Warning

The guy doing the voice on this video is one of those people that doesn't take a breath for 20 mins and talks in a VERY monotone voice. He needs to have someone train him in "voice in-flexion"  and "pausation" to help him start sounding normal. He does have the occasional breakouts towards the end where he does have seems to reign in the non stop voice and start to sound ever so slightly normal. But these moments are just momentary unfortunately.

Listening to this type of presenter can be monotonous, drone like, and he reminds me of the woman doing the Transport Evolved electric car videos on YT..... Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, the whole video... she drives you mad !

This guy is the same, so be warned before watching.

Solid State - What is It ?

It means that the components of the battery are solid, as opposed to being liquid, or at least semi-liquid. This is explained in the video.


To reduce car batteries in size and weight whilst doubling to tripling their capacity compared to today's batteries. Which in essence could mean driving 600 miles on one charge. OR even more !

AND, without having to temperature manage the battery during use or charging (as in before charging).

ANY change to improve batteries would be most welcome. Its the thing that is going to make electric cars vastly more interesting and viable to many people. Range fear still exists, even though its not as bad as it used to be.


It seems that Tesla and/or Panasonic would like to take total charge of any new battery development, but inventors don't really want this, they want their invention to be used by all, not just a few monopolists.

Dry versus Wet Electrodes

Maxwell batteries have developed a solvent free method which bodes well in making production cheaper and adding the all important, improved storage.

The electrolyte is still liquid, hence this process does not make the battery a solid state one.

Refillable Batteries

It seems the concept of just refilling, in other words replacing the contents inside a battery is still there. This would be an automated liquid electrolyte pump filling system (a system from Hibar). You pull up, the  car battery is emptied, a new filling is pumped in,, and off you go for the next 1,000 miles or whatever. I am somewhat dubious about this idea myself. BUT you never know do you ?

Are We There Yet

The answer is actually YES. But there is a BUT, and that's  the ability to start manufacturing and have sufficient volume to satisfy is just not there yet.

It takes 10 years to become an over-night success.

The hope is that Solid State will start to roll-out in 2025

Pressure from Governments

The UK has announced all new vehicles will have to be electric by 2035. Not sure if this includes trucks/buses at this stage. BUT this is a massive change of direction in just 15 years. Can the car/truck industry make it on time ? Not to mention electricity generation, will it be also able to cope ?