Does IBM Have a New Lithium Ion Battery Killer ?

Its Uses Seawater as its Main Ingredient BUT Only Time Will Tell if It Will Supercede Lithium Ion

IBM have come up with a new battery which they believe will knock Lithium Ion off the current production line. And whats more, they claim its environmentally friendly as it only uses commonly available (and green) ingredients.

This will be interesting for sure. As the video points out, IBM is a big company and lots of money for research. If they have achieved this, then all kudos to them for making the breakthrough.

IBM says on this new battery :

"In the quickly evolving arena of flying vehicles and electric aircraft, having access to batteries with very high-power density, which can scale a power load quickly, is critical. When optimized for this factor, this new battery design exceeds more than 10,000 W/L, outperforming the most powerful lithium-ion batteries available. Additionally, our tests have shown this battery can be designed for a long-life cycle, making it an option for smart power grid applications and new energy infrastructures where longevity and stability is key."

How does it out-perform Lithium Ion :

  • Lower cost: The active cathode materials tend to cost less because they are free of cobalt, nickel, and other heavy metals. These materials are typically very resource-intensive to source, and also have raised concerns over their sustainability.
  • Faster charging: Less than five minutes required to reach an 80 percent state of charge (SOC), without compromising specific discharge capacity.
  • High power density: More than 10,000 W/L. (exceeding the power level that lithium-ion battery technology can achieve).
  • High energy density: More than 800 Wh/L, comparable to the state-of-art lithium-ion battery.
  • Excellent energy efficiency: More than 90 percent (calculated from the ratio of the energy to discharge the battery over the energy to charge the battery).
  • Low flammability of electrolytes

The link for the new battery at IBM: