Free Energy From Cold Steam

A Two Part Tesla Patent (Orginally) Now Solved - Joined Together to Create a New Free Clean Energy Device

This story is about someone looking for funding for what they say was originally a Tesla Patent split into two, and they have joined it together to solve "what they say is free energy" available to all created purely from cold steam, that is steam that just exists in the air. The steam that we breathe out would form part of that. I can see the Physics people absolutely frothing over this one as they just won't be able to get their minds around how it could possibly work.

I am publishing this not to raise funds for this invention, or even to support such funding. You would need to make up your own mind on that aspect.

Instead I bring it up, firstly because of the inventor Tesla, who created many patents which worked, and secondly, because it would be a great (and clean) free energy device if its proves to be real, doable and viable.

I suggest you watch the video and make up your own mind.

The presentation is done by Miles Johnston of Bases Project fame.

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