Restructuring Lithium Ion Batteries to Achieve Dramatic Improvement in Performance

Zero to 200 Mile Charge in 8 Minutes in Electric Vehicles is Possible

Long live the good old Lithium Ion Battery.

With a few major changes, its going to perform even better than ever now with a much longer life.

The practice has always been to cool the battery during charging. Now the opposite is proving to be much more beneficial with side effects actually improving the life of the battery... majorly. Heaters now bring the battery up to 60oC for charging purposes.

This achievement will mean it will be quicker than fueling your tank up at a petrol bowser. One of the things the fossil people have always held against electric vehicles, the awfully slow charging viz a viz petrol refueling.

This newest development in Lithium Ion batteries won't happen overnight, as its still in development, but given time its sure to be on its way to your car.

The video man does a really good job of explaining it all, so I will leave it up him to tell you all about it. And I think heard him say that this new technology might mean one set of batteries might take the car 500,000 miles. All I can say is WOW ! Bring it on !

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