New Aluminium Air Battery for Cars Enabling Them to Travel 1,500 Miles (2,414 Kms) per Charge

New aluminium battery making electric car travel much more viable and will lead to major adoption of electric cars

This could in fact be described as a fuel cell instead of a battery.

Came across this interesting battery headline on Youtube today which caught my eye.  The mere prospect of being able to travel 1,500 miles (or 2,414 Kms) on one charge is not quite a giant step for mankind, but certainly enough to make any electric car manufacturer take a very serious look.

The video was posted by Transport Evolved. I am very keen on electric cars and intend to buy one myself. One day. Now I never look at Transport Evolved videos purely because of the woman presenter. She gets on my wick. A sort of wanna bee electric car promoter. She sits there and blathers, and she sure is good at stringing words together, hardly pausing for breath from one end of the video to the other. And she never gets off her posterior to actually take us for a thorough test drive (its mostly a drive in the office). Its possible I have missed something because of never looking at the channel, and I may be behind the times. If nothing else her constant gabbing on gets so much on my wick, that I just cannot bear to watch her. Or should I be saying "listen" instead ? Her "over emphasising" on almost every... second... or third word... she says... is just so... unnecessary.  AND she needs to learn "pausation", a media term for interrupting the non stop speech flow, thus allowing us, the listener, time to absorb and take in what she is saying, and, then just maybe she would then seemingly find time to breath in. She might just however be air compressor powered for all I know ? One of the things you learn in the media is that people turn off non stop verbal speech, and professionals in the media know this and thus practice strong pausation techniques.

My first choice to watch on YT for electric cars is Bjorn Nyland from Norway. He's always sitting in a car, taking them for 1,000 Km drives and other tests, and his experience and knowledge are a sheer joy to watch. But very long videos, and he does live streams which may last some 10 to 12 hours. You have to hang in there, but you will learn lots. I have never been to a public charging station being a fossil person, but I know them inside out from his videos and will know what to do when the time comes for me to plug-in.

Second choice would be Fully Charged from the UK. Robert Llewellyn does a good job but the tall skinny guy (he does too much drooling over a car and not so much on the "what we must know aspect"). BUT both need to be getting bums on seats and doing a much better job than what they presently do. Maybe they could learn something from Bjorn ! At least with Robert, you do get to see other than just electric cars, since they cover a lot of generation ideas from renewable sources.

These new batteries are far easier to make, as well as being cheaper to produce than Lithium Ion batteries, and are far more stable. It stores a lot more energy, and of course being aluminum its much lighter, thus reducing the car weight and in turn reducing the energy required to propel the car forward.

A lot of the aluminum problems encountered with first editions of aluminum batteries have been overcome by this inventor (and other inventors). BUT there is still a downside yet to overcome, the batteries have to be swapped out at the end of their journey, and cannot be re-charged at rapid chargers or at home either. BUT this could be be less of a problem than what you first think. The batteries are so light its quite possible that swapping them over may not be such a big deal.The inventor says swapping the battery takes about 90 seconds. And they plan for them to be stocked at supermarkets.

Let us see developments on this one, and where, if any, the direction in which it might go.

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