New Gas/Petrol Free Electrical Generator

Want to be a real Greenie ? Then this is the Generator for you.

This may be the perfect generator to keep Mark Dansies' ventilator going. BUT unlike Mark Dansie, they are Gas Free !

Wonderfully quiet and a real quality looking machine. They seem to have put a lot of thought into it.

At 120v, it will recharge from Zero to 80% in one hour (via a 120v outlet). Will take longer for solar.

At this stage I do not know if they will be producing a 230v system.

In their video they suggest the unit can be carried in an Electric Car and can be used as a backup for when the car itself runs out of power. The unit will retain its power storage for 1 year, and uses Lithium-Ion batteries.

I can see this unit being used in conjunction with Solar Panels, in essence being a solar storage system comparable to having a Tesla Powerwall, but on a smaller scale.

It will be certainly be great for emergencies as it has enough storage to seriously do something, as its not a toy unit. And best of all, unlike gas generators, it can be used inside, right where you need power.

One of the things I like, its just like electric cars, its telling you what its taking to charge the unit, how long it will take to charge, and similarly for the output, showing the current rate on how long to rundown plus what its actually using. Unlike most fossil generators, it great to have a screen with full generating/discharge information at your fingertips.

Weight starts at 30lbs, roughly 15Kg.

What is the pricing ?

The Delta 1000 starts off at $1,199 USD and the Delta 1300 at $1,399 USD.

Next come the Bundles, that have the portable solar panels, starting at $1,799 USD. There are various Bundle options.

The makers are from San Francisco, yes poop country, but we won't hold that against them !

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