FUSION - The Future of Electricity ?

Fully Charged crew visit First Light Future Ltd in the UK to see the current progess of Fusion Energy

I did not know whether to be impressed or not. I probably ended up more confused to be honest on just where Fusion stands right now. I got the impression that yes, progress is being made, BUT I just couldn't see how this is being turned into a continuous process needed to create continuous heat, thus in turn create steam which in turn propels generators into action creating an AC product suitable for public consumption.

Kinda reminded me of Revolution Groan, lots of wheels turning, same old lot making comments all the time, but in the end producing nothing but a lot of hot air which goes nowhere.

AND YET the video was getting lots of rave reviews, people were excited (unlike Rev Groan) and expectations very high. Was I missing something ? Excitement was most definitely in the air. So just maybe I was missing something ?

Interesting to note that the female presenter was the only female I saw in the work environment of this video. Why does new technology always seem to be so male dominated ?

Also interesting to note was that First Light was expecting Fusion to only be suitable/workable in certain areas of the world. They mentioned California, but into that category you could also throw Australia and New Zealand. All of these areas have lots of sunshine, lots of wind power, lots of hydro,  and,  thus was less likely to have the need for Fusion as a result. They saw Fusion as a product more likely to be used in Europe, and other places where natural generating sources were lacking.

First Light were clear headed enough to see that their product needed to work alongside existing technology such as Solar and Wind Power, but also they could see no point in re-inventing the wheel, hence they were building in technology that's worked really well for the last few hundred years alongside their new invention namely steam and good old fashioned generators.

More info on First Light Fusion Ltd: