Toyota Proto-typing a New Prius to Run on Solar

A bit cheaty, coz at heart its still really a Prius Hybrid

Personally I am not at all sure I like the looks of this car. You have in your mind what a car should look like, and this for me isn't something I would fall in love with.

That completely covered in solar cells look really turns me off. BUT this could none the less be the future. Its nerdy but practical. And eventually you would get used to it. Styles change, and it ends up just what you get used to.

Kinda reminds me of a computer with its covers off, looks awful, but putting the cover back on hides all of that. A computer that looks good works good, the illusion that we all kid ourselves about.

Lets see what you think.

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To see the car, follow this link and look at the pics :

Additional Video :