A simple idea towards generating your own Hydro Electricity

This will not be suited to inner city dwellers.

And most certainly this system won't be for the faint hearted. Its only for for those with the determined tenacity to develop this.

But for people who have lifestyle blocks or who live on farms, this could be you way of becoming independent from the grid. And not necessarily independent perhaps, just co-existing more in your favour with the grid.

The concept if very simple yet effective. You just sideline a stream of water, making a few metre return drop in the process for the expended water, and hey presto, your on on you way to becoming self sufficient for electricity.

2 cubic metres of water per second is all you need to get you underway

Drop height (after generating) is shown as 1.5 metres (for a smaller output, that is, less generation) generating 157,500 KwH per year.

A 3 metre drop height will allow for 315,000KwH generation per year.

They say the smallest unit is good for supplying 90 households. I doubt this number myself as I consider that figure too high. Maybe with a higher cubic metre water flow, you might get there...perhaps.


I am putting the pricing up first, as you need to get over the shock of just how much it will cost. I saw a price quoted at at Euro 2,500 per Kw output initially. This was for a 15Kw unit.

However the price charging quote is talking far larger units than I expected.

NOTE : The pricing expects you to share the output amongst other households. This could be a problem. You would need to have maintenance and redundancy built in (as in having a second unit for continuity). You yourself might expect to have problems and downtime, but if you are on-selling the electricity, other households would expect to be up all the time. They won't be wanting to buy something that is less reliable than their present grid.

Then there is the problem of setting up your grid. Not an easy job to say the least. One helluva job in fact.

The Technology Side

Their Website


I may appear to be knocking this product a bit. But I am not. I think its a great idea. So simple and effective.

BUT please go into it with your eyes wide open. There is a lot in it.

A dream of just being independent isn't enough to get this up and running. There is a lot of process to go through.

Plus you will need a big wallet and the ability to sell electricity to others, probably to just make it worthwhile in getting an effective return. Maybe you will have the money to not care about making it pay its way.

It will be interesting to see your comments on what you think about this product.