New Energy Source (Tesla's original invention of 100 years ago ?) UPDATED STORY (July 2019)

This concept has appeared before on Pesn/Peswiki.

I remember this as an very old story posted by Sterling Allan many years ago. It was always Sterling's dream to find a tech of this nature. Maybe after all this time of waiting its now here and ready to go. Time will tell.

But it looks like the man who started this invention has carried on and now has both funding and new developments.

This energy is free, combines both AC and DC in its operation (its said to not be AC or DC in nature, but something in-between and if you saw it via an oscilloscope you would see what he is talking about) and is available for use 24/7 and can operate underground.

The plan is to make is to make 50Kw units, put 20 of them into containers to generate per container 1 Gigawatts.

Without doing any research to absolutely verify, I have this idea in my head that it had something to do with an invention that was being made in Japan, that they had manufactured some 25, 000 or so of them, but was stopped by the Japanese Gov't on the grounds of equipment safety (but more likely TPTB didn't want them entering the market). This may be a similar but totally different product and I could be barking up the wrong tree.

Someone points out below that what lacks in the these presentation videos is quality. They are right. They expect us to believe what they say and show, with a 3rd party man nodding his head. We need better than this albeit interesting. We need good quality video for starters, with some good quality scientific instruments for measurements.

Another thing that strikes me. Why would you need grids and big units. Surely you would build these firstly in household size, followed by commercial and industrial size. To me these units would do away with the need for grids and large power stations. Then there is the the redundancy/security aspect. No longer are we relying on grids working as we would all be independent for power supply. Especially during emergencies.

There are two things straight off that strike me as strange in the presentation :

(1) The battery is 3 car batteries in size and 12 volts. Surely this would have been enough to give the light a soft/softer glow of some sorts. The light WAS 800 watts/12 volts, when he changed it to a 24 volt bulb. But even so, a red or white glow of some sorts should have emanated from a fully charged battery (in fact 3 car batteries) putting out 12 volts.

(2) The multi-meter is either AC or DC. It doesn't have a third option that caters for a non AC or DC power supply. So how can it be accurate, or even in fact measuring properly ?

I would be quite happy to see a unit of say 2Kw or 3Kw in size be made available. I would in fact buy one. 2/3Kw is enough to keep me operational 85% of the time. Meal times is about the only time you need additional power in a household. Of course you could argue additional to this for any number of reasons. But please remember, this is only a starting point, not an end point. Its a point to get them into production and coming out to all us hopeful consumers. We seriously need something underway.

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