New Model ZAPPI's are Out for Electric Vehicle Charging

Optimises microgeneration self consumption - 7Kw single phase and 22Kw for 3 phase

New Models of the Zappi out as of 18Dec2018.

Myenergi have sent me an email today showing off their latest new Zappi model/s available (7Kw single phase and 22Kw for 3 phase).

Which they say "Optimises microgeneration self consumption".

Manufacturing starts in January, 2019.

Hub and App

Also of interest is they state they are coming out with a new Data Hub and a new app for the Zappi. "We'll soon be releasing a myenergi hub and app, which will offer internet connectivity for remote controlling and a live view of the energy used by your zappi".

They don't say whether or not the new Hub and App will also be available for the Eddi. But I'm guessing its got to be for all their equipment.

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