Its a New Car... NO WAIT... Its really a Plane.... NO WAIT.... Its Both

Have Car, will Fly. Will this be our future, both Flying and Driving ?

I'm not sure but I think its a two seater. Its kinda hard just watching the video to ascertain for certain. Maybe a 4 seater, but I doubt it. I will try and find some more info on this.. this... this, what to call it... a Plane or a Car... or maybe a Carplane perhaps ? This is not Electrically driven btw, its a piston engine...  I think, but then it could be well beyond a piston engine. Once I find out a bit more about what is actually driving it that is, like maybe say a small jet-prop engine for instance.

At $140,000 USD the price is not too bad really for the convenience it might provide. And its likely to be given what is called a Sporting Pilots Licence. That's not a normal FULL Pilots Licence like I have. But one with limitations on what the aircraft can do and where it can go.

The speed... Flying at 190mph. They also mention mph in most media stories just to make it more publicly understandable. BUT planes actually fly in KNOTS and always have since they ever first took to the air. SO in real terms that's 165.1 Knots. BUT no real pilot uses 0.1 of a Knot, the instruments don't measure that finely, so it would be just 165 Knots.  Its cruise speed is 160mph, that's 140 Knots. That is extremely fast for such a small plane. The inventor mentions its a high performance plane, and at those speeds it certainly is.

Road Speed is also good, BUT a 3 wheeler at those road speeds mentioned, NO thanks very much. 3 wheeler's are dodgy at the best of times, and the only place I have ever seen them, and then only on video, is in the UK. The TV Program "Only Fools and Horses" had one, and they don't take corners too well as you would see if you followed that TV series. 100mph on the ground in a 3 wheeler would be one hell of a risk.

BUT as a way of getting around on the ground sensibly, not at 100mph, but within limits it will certainly do the job no doubt.

The name of the craft is "Switchblade" . Sorry guys, but I don't like that name from a marketing point of view. Imagine the Tesla being called a Brembler or something like that. It just doesn't work. Get a better name and soon.

The sheer outline and looks of this Carplane are extremely appealing. Its not geeky or awkward., but very sophisticated and streamlined. Its definitely got appeal. From me, it gets an 8 out of 10. But already I am wrapping my mind around some improvements that could be made. This of course looking at it, from my Pilots point of view.

Latest Video Out Today 26 July 2018

Looking at this I think it a two seater.

Another Video (more extensive coverage of the Switchblade) at Oshkosh :