Electric Vehicle... House... Grid - How To Combine & Work All Three Happily

These days with Solar Panels and House and Grid , how do you get them all working happily together ? And is charging/discharging the EV in all of this detrimental to the Batteries. The Panel answers all these Qustions.

Robert Llewellyn from Fully Charged runs a discussion panel in which all of these questions are asked and answered.

I hope this helps you a lot and answers many of your questions.

Because to be honest, a lot of us just don't know, do we. So why not have the people who do know talk to us about it. AND if you want to follow Robert and team, who specialize in cars (EV's), but also a lot of other things as well, like Tesla PowerWalls, Windpower Generation, SeaPower Generation, and lots lots more...

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