Quantum Batteries

Building the world's first quantum battery- a super battery with the potential for instantaneous charging.

Dr James Quach from the University of Adelaide has planned to use his experience with quantum mechanics to build the world's first quantum battery - a super battery with the potential for instantaneous charging.

Dr Quach said this technology would be possible thanks to a feature of quantum mechanics known as entanglement.

"Quantum mechanics deals with interactions at the very smallest of scales, at the levels of atoms and molecules - at this level you get very special properties that violate the conventional laws of physics," he said.

This was always a problem that Mark Dansie and his rabid band used to have trouble getting their heads wrapped around, that many inventions operate outside the known laws of physics. An instant declaration it won't work was their standard cry-call. To which I always used to say 'Absolute Phooey', of course it can, there are no laws, just Physics ! They would just throw their arms up at the first sight of anything that operated outside their bounds of knowledge and declare 'it will never work' without even really thinking about it. Anyone who thinks the "Laws of Physics' are the 'be all and end all' are bound to be left behind and stuck in mediocre jobs instead of making major advances.

The trouble with university trained people is that they just cannot unlock themselves from the brainwashing that goes on at Universities. Thank goodness in this world, we have people who constantly think outside the box. Praise be to have people like this, otherwise very little serious major progress would be made in this world.

Dr Quach said the battery could also be used in small electronic devices such as a watch, iPad, computer or any other product that relies on stored energy.

The concept of the battery will be developed at Adelaide University and could allow electronic devices to be fully charged instantly.

This is still very much early days on the new batteries, as a lot of experimentation and devlopment has still to be done to arrive at a new product. BUT its a start that could be revolutionary in days to come.