Electric Planes - They're Here ... NOW... and Flying

The concept of flying in Electric Planes is a lot more advanced than you may have realized.

You may be surprised to discover that there is huge activity in creating and making electric planes.

We're talking the small one or two seater right up to full size commercial aircraft. Altho commercial aircraft are conceptualized and  on the drawing board, it is still a long way from being actual reality. BUT their day will come. Its reported there is much undisclosed hidden or suppressed technology that is not far off from being exposed finally to the world (just today it was reported that Trump planned to un-suppress much of this hidden technology and make it available very soon. No doubt the Deep State and the Corporates behind the Shadow Gov't will be fighting hard to try and stop this. After all, they won't want their gravy train stopping, will they ?).

Reported to exist in this technology is something that Sterling Allan created and for, that is to find out about, write about and promote any Free Energy sources that he could come across. Whether they worked or not, he wanted people to know about them.

The way I see it Commercial Aircraft will come into being once Free Energy is UN-supressed. If an an aircraft can carry its own self generated free energy, driving whatever the "engine" may be, then this is the point when it will become a reality. Right now, batteries are just too heavy and don't have the juice to do long trips. They may presently be able to get an aircraft to fly about an hour, but that would be about it. Short hop trips only.

In this video you will see some exciting new aircraft. Some prop driven, with others fan driven.

The first aircraft in the video, the Alpha, I have seen in an extensive video covering this particular aircraft. Its prop driven. We have this idea in our heads that because electric cars are extremely quiet, both inside and out, to the point whereby new electric cars have "people/animal detectors" in them and on so detecting such an object in front of them, start creating a car like sound through speakers in the front of the vehicle, so as not to frighten people/animals who had not heard them approaching and make them aware of the vehicle.

However, much to my surprise, electric prop driven aircraft are hellishingly noisy. I would put them right up with engine driven props. The prop noise was quite noticeable in the aircraft cabin of the Alpha, whereas most people would be thinking like the electric cars it would be eerily quiet. BUT not so. The prop cutting through the air makes quite a racket.Which all in all, I am hoping that the fan drive electric planes will be a lot better noise wise. Lets wait and see on that one.