New Graphene Batteries for Electric Cars

Graphene Expected to Take over from Lithium Ion by Tripling the Storage Capacity

New prototype of metallic lithium battery with graphene and carbon nanotubes that will triple the capacity of current Ion-Lithium in electric cars.

It was always bound to happen one day, that a new product would come along that was much better than the old one. That day appears to have arrived. Graphene batteries are said to have 3 times the storage capacity of Lithium Ion.

But all new technology comes at a cost. Is it a cost that motorists will wear ?

The biggest bane at the moment of electric car owners is stretching the distance as much as possible between charges. Not so much for short distances, but for those long trips. Unless the new Graphene tech comes along at a cost they can afford they will simply stick with the existing, and put up with the extra stops they have to make to recharge.

It will be interesting to see where this new development leads.