Where Can I Buy It and How Much ?

I get many enquiries a day along these lines every-day, but there is no easy answer. But this is where you can help.

Every day, I get emails from people who want information and prices on inventions.

I have no list of products just ready to buy.

We are more into writing story's about new inventions than actually having some sort of follow-up with them in regard to their product being ready for market or becoming available. Though of course we would do that if that information becomes available. I cannot be everywhere at once. When Sterling was doing this site, it was his full-time job. For me, it's not a full-time job. So I do the best I can.

Many products arrive with a grandiose announcement, and then just as quickly as they arrive they disappear. A classic example of this was :

Great expectations, but the minute that anyone wanted to see it further, the contact and information got less and less. So much so that I with-drew everything off our web-site and told people not to buy it, or put money down unless tests showed that it worked.

Subsequently their website still exists, but try and find them anywhere any-more and you will have no success. They disappeared from Facebook as well. For all I know they may still exist and have just retracted themselves until they got into a better position to do something. Then again they may have fallen flat on their face.

Another classic was Orbo. Was absolutely right into promoting their Orbo product/s. But they too fell over and are no more. One minute busy promoting Orbo Girl, the next communication just evaporated, no more Facebook posts and the next thing we find they have folded.

So a lot of this requires perseverance just to hang there through all the shenanigans that go on. One minute you think you are making really great progress and all of a sudden there is a complete change and you are just left in the dark, and people are no longer contactable and new information gradually falls by the wayside.

We rely on people (readers) doing their own research. We cannot be a source in and of ourselves to cover everything to do with a new invention. We are of course always interested in what people find from their own personal experience's.

Coming Soon, we will have a new module available where people will be able to write their own stories, their own or others inventions and experiences, and to submit these for approval for publication. This will be one of the new modules we have written but have yet to introduce to you (still being tested). Also coming is a Blogg area too for much shorter stories and personal experiences.

In the meantime you can contact us by email. See Contact in the top area of this page.

Many inventions are also not at a stage of sale either, they are being shown, they have been made, but many of the inventors just don't have the skills to market them. Many also end up just being concepts, great ideas, but not enough follow through by the inventors to develop them.

Volume of production is a problem too. Inventors are usually not able to suddenly make their product in volume unless it is very small. They are expensive because of the low volume, if in fact they are at a point of making low volume (see the battery charger below as an example, its very good, but at the same time very expensive). Its not just a matter of making something, and people lining up to buy it, would that it was that easy.

Are you wanting something like this, a 10Kw generator ? :

Or say for charging batteries ? :