Solid State Energy (Electrical Generator)

Is this using the Tesla idea ? Is this harnessing ElectroMagnetic energy from the Earth ?
  • A  Generator that is Solid State. The capacitors are : 16V @ 58F?

So is this the future, a fuel cell without the fuel ?

Possibles uses 24/7 charging batteries in conjunction with solar panels.

As he suggests, have two sets of batteries so as one lot is being charged, the other lot is being used.

Its amazing when you read the comments, the negatives and the idiots try and ruin it for everyone. But not all, thankfully we have sane people - Quote:  "To all negative people this is awesome. We need more people out there like this guy ". This is what this web-site is all about, to find out ideas and publish them. I don't see our role as validating inventions, you should be the determinate of that. But without us as an intermediary, you wouldn't know about them in the first place. Over-unity (no relation to this site) was originally set up to perform this function, but they seem to have lost the plot by letting negatives take over their whole web-site and virtually running it..

The panels do not have a continuous output, instead they pulsate between a high and low. Lets say they output a high 3 amps, they will then drop back to 1 amp as a low. So clearly there is a serious need for capacitors in between to smooth out this  pulsating flow.

The inventor talks in the second video below about how he sees his invention doing away for the need for solar panels totally if built big enough. But in the first video he talks more about them working in conjunction with a solar panel. Solar panels during daylight for 8 hours, and then night-time charging using his generator. All of this to charge batteries. He suggests alternating sets of batteries daily (by switching) since he maintains that both charging and discharging at the same time is not a good idea.

I should warn you that these units are not cheap to purchase.

Web site :

Also more video's which will give you...

(1) Some idea of how the plates work, their construction,  and some of the 10 elements involved in their manufacture.

(2) Other option on how the units can be used.

Here is a video where using the very same materials in a small format, roughly an AA battery style form, it can be jigged to a higher output, as per the example in the following video, a circa 4 volts. Now Q being a generator, if this was used in conjunction with NiMH, by charging 2 or 3 NiMH batteries, then it would become a standalone standby device for charging USB devices.

Thus finally we might get to see a :