New PESN.COM debut...An update on whats happening with our new Publishing Module.

Here we go with our big launch.

This is our new software  written and developed especially for by Andrew Munsey.Its looking extremely good.

But we still have a few bugs to sort and a few changes to make as well. Right now we have to add the module in that does pictures, so all new stories are minus pictures.

But just to have the ability to add new stories in is brilliant... which is what we urgently need at the moment.

More modules will be added later... we plan for a chatroom/forum, places for you to write your own articles (including pictures/videos) and lodge them for review and publication etc.

All the old archive pages will be stored on (missing at this stage are the PureEnergyNews stories) and access will be via here on

They will be available in both Archive and eventually in News Archive as I transfer the stories across, this being a manual task. is now the place where the new software is running right now that you are viewing.