Future Predictions

Clif High devloped a computer system using linguistics to predict future events. It works on the basis that each one of us is able to see the future.
  • For those interested in the future of finance and big money...Greg Hunter interviews Clif High who explains his linguistics for this April 2017.

In here he explains the Two Tribe clashes, the beginning of which are now enveloping the USA in particular. Deep State versus the Gov't - the ingrained versus the newbies.

Also of most interest to us is what is said to be in Antarctica which Clif covers in previous interviews. It is said to be ancient technology, free energy devices, complete medical cure devices. The Nazi's discovered this in the 1930's when they established a base there. But being covered in ice makes UN-ravelling it very hard. During WW2  the Nazi's were clearly ahead in technology, hence the USA bringing many of them over (many of whom were war criminals, whose acts were conveniently forgotten) on what was called Operation Paper-clip. The US Americans wanted to tap into their knowledge on anti-gravity devices in particular.