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This is how to post acceptable comments.

Posters please note.In the past all comments required pre-approval for publication (that is, moderated).

This restriction has now been lifted. But even so, if your comment doesn't pass certain factors it will be sent for moderation.

What will cause your comment to be sidelined for approval ?

(1) If it contains a word that we restrict.

(2) Disqus scans photo's. Algorithms may detect something in your photo.

(3) If it contains a link to another website that doesn't have a security certificate (SSL).

(4) If a You-tube link is included that may need checking.

  • You can immediately assume if your comment appears instantly, then it has passed all the tests. If it doesn't, the main perpetrator is usually your using a restricted word.

We do not accept FAKE or FAKES or FAKER or SCAM or SCAMS or SCAMMER or variant spellings of these, as an example.

There are some 250 words your comment has to pass.

Only one is needed to push your comment into moderation.

You can pretty much assume good clean comments will pass. But anything derogatory or negative won't.