Failure (aka as the Dansie Syndrome)

What big promises didn't come into being ?

Failures. Looks like there has been a few in the past year.For instance :

(1) U-Plug Products

All the promises came to nothing. No product has emerged. Still on their web-site the words "we only sell through distributors".

There is no product and no distributors.

Their Facebook page has disappeared into the ether as well.I think its history unless a miracle happens.

(2)Steorn and Orbo

Looks like it has gone for good.

From what I have read all their investors money was genuinely spent. But it just ran out of time and money. Investors would only hang in for so long.

But the weird thing was it being reported that Steorn had become a professional online gambler as his new occupation afterwards, which struck me as VERY strange.

And whatever happened to the lovely "Orbo Girl" too ? She started with regular videos, which just seemed to stop.

(3)The Adgex Torch

This torch worked. But it wasn't as they suggested. It was never going to self charge. They clearly worked on the basis that the LED's would keep it running a long time, and would kinda self recharge if rested. If you only used it intermittently then you would have found it lasting a year or too.

Because I never had the "actual torch" itself, it quite possibly used "eneloop pro" type batteries which retain 85% of their initial charge for one year. So they worked on the basis that the torch would last an awful long time if used as a torch would normally be.

In the story's I wrote about this, I have lost the place of where its now located, in our massive changes to the web-site. BUT in my tests of several NON Adgex torches, I found that using LED's they would run forever. I had one torch using Ni.MH rechargeable batteries which lasted 4 months running non-stop.

But I found that when you turned a torch off to test the battery's, you might not get it started again. Starting the LED's off clearly need more oomph than running it. Yet if you left it running 24/7 you could achieve 4 months out of it. BUT the strange thing was that using alkaline batteries, you could never ever achieve 4 months running. They would be dead flat in a few months. Why did they not last as long as the Ni.MH ? Must be something to do with the chemistry of the battery itself I guess.