Free Energy Roadmap

Ph.D. Physicist, Guido Grzinic, proposes a general strategy for assessing viable technologies that tap into aetheric energy, developing viable theories, and ext

The Objective

The objective of this work is to do research and development, with a view to moving closer toward the goal of free energy for all. The impact on humanity of achieving such a goal would be enormous.

Apart from the obvious advantage to our environment and health, a clean and limitless energy source would help eradicate poverty and suffering. A self-contained energy source would be particularly beneficial to third world countries that do not have the resources or infrastructure to develop technologies or build energy delivery systems to meet even basic needs.

Many billions of dollars have been spent in the past 50 years on fusion technologies, but as yet we have not seen a kilowatt of useful energy from it. The tragedy is that we already have the means to attain a clean and limitless energy source {Namely?}, but only a miniscule amount of money is being invested in it.

We should clarify right at the outset that by ‘free energy’ we do not mean creating energy out of nothing – a thought that would horrify traditional scientists. In the same way that solar cells tap into the ‘free energy’ of the sun without any input from us, free energy devices would tap into cosmic energy reserves.

There are 3 components of the work being proposed:

  • Theoretical investigation in order to develop a framework to better understand the underlying mechanisms.
  • Investigate current devices and try to fit the findings to the theoretical investigation, which would in turn suggest ways of improving on some of them.
  • Use the understanding from the theoretical investigation to come up with novel devices.

Challenges & Obstacles

The challenges and obstacles can be divided into 2 categories.

1) Technological

The challenge is to produce viable technological devices that produce over unity outputs, meaning that they produce more usable energy than is put into them (by tapping into cosmic reserves). This is not just a fanciful wish. There is enough evidence available to suggest that over unity is viable.

A good example is the transformer based MEG from the Tom Bearden group ( Also Bruce De Palma has produced a working over unity motor ( The Lutec1000 motor by the Australian pair John Christie and Lou Brits looks promising (

I believe that the best solution would be a solid state device, with no moving parts, as this would reduce the complexity of construction and minimize wear and tear and therefore maintenance.

I have come up with one such possibility that involves taking advantage of the properties of quartz crystal at resonant frequencies. (More on that elsewhere.)

2) Commercial

Next is the challenge of producing a commercially viable device, namely, one that can be produced at a cost and energy output that competes with existing energy utilities.

The degree of over unity is important here. If a device produces a large output without very much complexity in its construction, the commercial viability is a lot easier to achieve.

To this end the theoretical investigation becomes important. If we have a sound theoretical framework and understanding of what is going on at the core, we will be in a much better position to produce such a commercial device.

Plan of Action

The first step must necessarily be one of coming up with a technological solution for an over unity device.

We will now set out in more detail the proposed steps that were outlined at the start as a way of moving closer to our objective.

1) Theoretical Investigation

Some interesting theories have already been put forward to explain the nature of reality in a more intuitive way than current Physics allows. Most of these relate to the concept of an all pervading aether from which all matter forms. The most interesting of all is the channelled information by M. B. Cooke of the master Hilarion, which explains physical matter, including electromagnetism and gravity, as different manifestations or states of a hyperdimensional aether. M. B. Cooke has already presented some experimental evidence which supports this concept and which current Physics doesn’t take into consideration.

My first objective will be to extend this theory with my own investigations -- the aim being to unify what M. B. Cooke and others have done with what I know from my Physics background and my own ideas.

I have a number of experiments in mind that would help to clarify the situation and hopefully lead to a theoretical framework that would then allow us to make predictions about how a new configuration will behave.

One of the first experiments would be to demonstrate more clearly the existence of the aether using the phase shift of coherent light in magnetic fields (technical details can be supplied on request).

Another area of investigation would be to look at the forces between highly charged plates when the plates are moving. It has been reported by some that the forces are different depending on whether the plates are moving or stationary. If this proves to be correct it would point strongly to the existence of an aether.

2) Investigation of Existing Devices

There are at least a dozen devices/setups that show over unity type behaviour that warrant further investigation. Many are related to magnetism in one way or another.

My second objective is to investigate some of these with a view to gaining a better understanding of the principles and at the same time to try and fit these observations into the theoretical framework being developed concurrently. These would help in the development of the theory which would in turn suggest ways of improving these devices.

This is not limited to only ‘free energy’ devices, but to a variety of phenomena including anti-gravitational effects.

I have read a report of a device designed by David Hamel ( that consists of a complex arrangement of 3 layers of rotating magnets. When the self-contained unit is set spinning, it reaches a point where the whole thing just shoots up into the air and disappears into the sky. These are Amazing claims which are worth investigating further.

It is planned that any findings and discoveries made would be reported on my website, so that other people could benefit from these.

3) Design of New and Novel Devices

With a better understanding of the underlying nature of the physical universe it becomes a lot easier to come up with new and novel designs that no one has thought of. Inventors have spent years coming up with solutions, sometimes by trial and error – not a good way to proceed.

There are a number of areas that show unusual behaviour and are fertile grounds for further research, one of the main ones being with magnets, particularly rotating magnets. Not much is really known about the behaviour of rotating magnets.

Another area is with high voltages. Some strange phenomena have been observed when high voltages are involved, e.g. anomalous energy outputs, anti-gravity effects, among others -- behaviour that is not explainable by current theories.

Also, rapidly spinning objects have shown unusual behaviour. Weight loss has been reported in certain cases -- anti gravitational effects, which could potentially be used to generate energy.

There are also reports of extraordinary effects that have been observed under certain conditions ( In addition to objects being suspended in mid air, the above site shows pictures of metals being cut and ‘melted’ without any heat applied. The most extraordinary picture of all is of a piece of wood embedded into metal as a result of a ‘fusing’ of the atoms of each piece. This is all done by a combination of high voltages and radio frequency beams.

At present these effects are not well understood. John Hutchison, who discovered these effects, says he cannot always reproduce them.

There is a wide scope for further investigation and the potential for all manner of new and amazing applications