Group Claims to be on Verge of Abundant Energy Solution

Fuelless magnetic power and ambient temperature superconductors poised to revolutionize the generation and distribution of power.

Envision a power grid that resembles the infrastructure of the Internet, with many nodes of power generation connected by a network of room temperature superconductor cables. The power-net would combine the general reliability of the grid with the back-up independence of on-site generation.

Such is the vision of Mark Goldes, Chairman and CEO of Magnetic Power Inc. and its synergistic subsidiary company, Room Temperature Superconductors Inc.

After two decades of evaluating various systems, and three years of developing their own prototypes, Magnetic Power Inc. claims to be on the verge of developing technologies that tap into the theoretical Zero Point Energy (ZPE) field that surrounds us, in what is thought to be inexhaustible abundance.

Goldes reports that "Laboratory results are encouraging. Systems capable of producing replacements for batteries, as well as kilowatt, and eventually megawatt, modules of electric power from Zero Point Energy, are now on the horizon. Prototype drive systems for vehicles may be possible within two years."

Room Temperature Superconductors Inc. is developing commercial means of conveying electricity with almost no loss of power in transit, via its polymer Ultraconductors(TM).  Four small business innovation research contracts have been completed recently in connection with Ultraconductors.

"Fuel-free systems could enter the markets soon enough to offer cost-effective competition to photovoltaics, fuel-cells, and microturbines," Goldes said, in reference to his group’s work, as well as other researchers around the world in related fields. He gives the caveat that such a timeline is dependent on the level of funding they can secure.

"If financial support is adequate, a one kilowatt generator module, for portable or emergency use, could be ready for production by an existing Strategic Partner next year."

That partner has already provided substantial financial assistance, and has agreed to a $5 million dollar investment in manufacturing generators under license, once the prototypes are adequately proven.

At such time as the 1 kW modules enter the market, Magnetic Power Inc. plans to have other licensees unveil demonstration devices, as well as inexpensive toys, "in order to overcome understandable skepticism."

Goldes is confident that the new technologies will stimulate international economic growth and prosperity, in addition to providing abundant, pollution-free energy.

"If we, and numerous others working with truly revolutionary energy technology, are successful, the beginning of a transition away from oil, and other fuels, could be a near-term event," Goldes said.