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You are here: > News > August 31, 2011

Solar Powered Perpetual Motion Machine

The user Magnetflipper on YouTube has posted a video of a machine that is powered by a solar panel but which then appears to augment that energy from yet another source, using electromagnetic overunity from a Joseph Newman motor.

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

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We usually don't use the phrase "perpetual motion" in our news because it tends to convey the idea of a closed system that keeps itself running by somehow creating energy from nowhere. Rather, we use the term "free energy", to refer to that portion of the equation that nature or the universe provides for free. But in this story, we're talking about an experimenter who uses the phrase "perpetual motion" in the "free energy", open system just described.

A user on YouTube by the name of Magnetflipper has posted a video of what he calls a perpetual motion machine, whose activation input comes from a solar panel, but which then appears to extract energy freely from the environment in some other way to produce the much larger amount of energy output. The user explains how the device qualifies as being called a "perpetual motion machine", because it is an "open system" extracting energy from another source. Of course the first input source is the constant stream of energy coming from our closest star -- the sun! It's the second source that is perhaps not so clear yet. We prefer the terminology "free energy", again, referring to a source provided freely from the environment.

The device is composed of a solar panel that is connected to a Joseph Newman style electric motor. Electric motors that utilize Newman's design are claimed to produce much more mechanical output than the electrical input that is fed into them.

Here is the video that shows the device. 

Here at PESN we report on all types of exotic energy technologies. Many of them seem to be producing an output with no obviously apparent source of input energy. Interestingly, if someone considers the situation in more detail, there are many possible sources of energy. According to mainstream science, the fabric of the universe is filled with energy. This universal source of energy has many names -- zero point energy, vacuum energy, the aether, and others. 

Everything on this planet is bathed in this energy, including every magnet, moving object, motor, and nuclear reactor (conventional fission and cold fusion). The fact is, that there is a very good reason to believe that when a technology is producing energy with no apparent source, it is tapping into this limitless source of energy. 

The idea that free energy machines are impossible because energy cannot be created or destroyed is simply nonsense. Just because a machine's source of energy is not immediately apparent doesn't mean there isn't a source.

For example, we do not understand *exactly* what magnetic or electric flux lines really *are* fundamentally. Also, I do not think anyone can say exactly what keeps a light beam from losing energy after traveling millions of miles, what keeps an electron continually orbiting the nucleus of an atom, or what powers inertia to keep objects in motion. We can describe what we know about physics, but we can't fully explain the fundamental mechanisms that make them work.

Another example is gravity. Are we absolutely sure we know what allows gravity to exist? Einstein claims that gravity is a warping of space time, but if that is the case, what is actually warping? If space time is capable of warping (or if the aether is capable of being manipulated) then perhaps some of the "Gravity Wheels" that are being worked on could potentially be harnessing whatever powers gravity. They would not be creating energy out of no where, but would be extracting it from a fundamental source -- such as the aether.

Consider overunity magnet motors, that many skeptics claim are impossible. A skeptic will claim that a permanent magnet sticking to a fridge does no work, because work equals force times distance. If there is no motion, no work can be done, and no energy can be produced. However, if you look at the situation more closely, there is motion taking place. Even mainstream scientists have suggested that permanent magnets emit virtual photons, they transform into magnetic flux, and they return back to their source. So in reality, that magnet on the fridge has trillions of tiny virtual photons entering our reality, and leaving it every second. In a sense, a kind of work could be being done to hold the magnet to the fridge! There is motion, but we just cannot see it with our eyes. Also, the fact there is motion taking places makes me think it may be possible to extract energy from that flow of virtual photons. 

The fact is there should be no stigma attached to the term "free energy". If skeptics want to attack the term "free energy" they have to attack the term photovoltaic as well, because a solar panel is in fact a free energy device. Instead attacking the term, mainstream scientists and naysayers should celebrate it, because exotic free energy devices may reveal the existence of countless new sources of energy. 

 # # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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